Couch to 5k to 5k race in 5 months

5 months ago in April when I first had this mad idea about running 5k around my local park, I was determined to succeed and keep going. As a hobby. A parkrun now and then, maybe even building up to going every week?

But that isn’t how the running bug works is it?

5 months on and I’m running in a 5k race in another town. 18 parkruns, 11 PB’s, two pairs of running shoes, running clothes for birthday presents, a Garmin on my wrist with a HRM strapped across my chest and there’s no denying the bug has bitten! I’ve even bought a bloody bike!

But what keeps you going – what is it about that bug that bites and won’t let go?

The personal challenge? The strive for another PB? Increasing fitness? Maybe all of those, but there’s another element that outsiders and people new to running maybe don’t see at first – THE CRAIC – or “the camaraderie” as those well spoken types like John Greenwood of the Walney Wind Cheetahs would probably refer to it.

The local running groups, Panthers, Cheetahs, Wolves, Dragons… what a fantastic, supportive, inclusive bunch of people – the local running community is one big family and it’s great to be a part of it!



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