Happy Christmas

It’s been a while since I posted on here – full of good intentions when I started this blog, but running the blog for the Love Barrow Awards on top of social media management for Kidfest has taken up all of my time – on top of searching for a new job!

Happily I can report I have managed to find a job, finishing after 16 years at McBride on 23rd December and staring in BAE on the 5th Jan, perfect timing!

So what have I been up to running wise? I joined the Walney Wind Cheetahs rather than running on my own mid-week – it was fine in the summer but once the nights started to draw in it was bit lonely and miserable – so a couple of runs a week with the Cheetahs nicely fills the mid-week diary.

My parkrunning has been steady – my PB is down to 21:42, this was achieved in September and although I can’t seem to reach it now, sub 23 is normal territory and I’m really happy with that.

I couldn’t have dreamt in April when I started that come Xmas I’d be sat in third place in the male points table for Barrow parkrun, albeit assisted by two outings as a volunteer (one when injured, one when hungover).

I won’t be managing the Xmas day run, but will be there on the Saturday to run off some of the Xmas excesses, good luck to everyone who does make it to the park on Xmas day!

In all, a fab year – I’m still loving the running and can only look forward to a great year ahead – best wishes to everyone for Christmas and hope we all have a great running New Year.